Events in 2022: Social Distancing and Event Planning in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era

Events in 2022: Social Distancing and Event Planning in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era

Events in 2022: Social Distancing and Event Planning in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era

We all know about the devastating effects caused by the Covid-19. It has brought about a lot of trouble for most industries around the globe. Wearing masks and socially distancing has become the new norm. Apparently, it doesn’t seem like the Covid-19 pandemic will end soon.

So, how would the events be conducted in these challenging times? Well, there are specific regulations for social distancing that have to be followed. Undoubtedly, the safety of the people attending the event has to be the utmost priority.

The demand for hosting the events is never finished. People are hungry to spend quality time with their loved ones by attending good-quality concerts, events, and wedding venues. All these

events were paused for some time. And, now, the way people can enjoy such events is a little different. The event planning has to be done by keeping in mind all the standards and operating procedures by the government.

In this article, we’ll talk about how Covid-19 has brought a drastic change in the event industry and what event planning companies should do to conduct a safe and secure event.

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Governmental Restrictions Have to Be Followed

In order to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the governments have been very keen to give the number of people recommended to attend a certain event according to the size of the venue. The restrictions would alter according to the current situation of the Covid-19 cases across the country. Therefore, event planners should comply with the policies and standards set by the government strictly.

Maintain Excellent Hygiene Standards During Event Planning

You must follow specific regulations to keep the attendees safe from contracting novel coronavirus when hosting an event. Even if the government hasn’t imposed that regulation, following that will always be beneficial. Firstly, as said above, you’ll ensure the safety of the people attending the event. Secondly, you’ll gain the trust of your customers. They would recall your venue immediately if they want to conduct any event if you go the extra mile for implementing social distancing and other safety protocols.

On the other hand, you would always select the venue which complies with the safety standards. Beware, almost all the venues would say they follow the highest hygienic standards. But, unfortunately, the reality is much different. You have to do some research in order to find out the right venue by talking to the event planning manager. You would know whether they follow the hygiene standards if you ask the manager a few questions. For instance, ask him how often they sanitize the venue, what particular places they focus on while cleaning, the number of staff appointed for the cleaning, etc.

Moreover, you have to keep yourself up to date with the covid update most of the time. If the positivity rate of the COVID-19 is high, you have to plan the safety protocols accordingly. You’d have to be more vigilant when the positivity ratio is high because you must ensure that people attend the event. Your hosts can also deny attending the event just because of being afraid to contract the COVID-19.

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Ensure Social Distancing During the Event

We all know that social distancing is one of the easiest and most effective techniques to avoid the spread of the COVID-19. That’s why it’s better to keep a reasonable distance between the attendees. The more the distance you keep between the attendees, the better it is as the probability of contracting COVID-19 would decrease. You can protect others from getting Covid if a person is infected with the virus with good social distancing measures.

You have to adopt some good social distancing measures during the event. You have to ensure that the people are sitting at least 5 feet apart. Although it will be a bit of a hassle to implement this, there will be some unruly attendees that will break the SOP of social distancing. That’s why you have to follow some good tactics to ensure that people follow them.

There is fierce competition in the event industry — if you follow all the SOPs, your customers would come to your venue and book it for business purposes, birthday parties, or other reasons.

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Gain Community Confidence

Event planning is not easy. You have to look for it from every perspective. And, during this covid-19 pandemic era, you can’t forget the importance of safety risks. You have to mitigate it as much as possible to gain the community's confidence. Only those events in which all the standards and operating procedures for the safety of the attendees are implemented are successful. The community will have greater confidence in only those event planners or venue operators who follow the proper SOP in the event industry. And, once there are no COVID restrictions, people would still prefer the venue because you added value to their life.

Utilize Contactless Tools

Technology is advancing at a fast rate. Make sure that you keep up with it to evolve how you operate the business. You can integrate some things to avoid contact as much as you can during the event.

Firstly, you can use digital check-ins or wristbands. It would ensure that you’ll get rid of the long queue that is always there at the venue entrance. Secondly, make use of the QR code. It is another helpful way for a contactless entry. The guests would simply need to scan the QR code present at the gate in order to enter the venue.

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The Take-Away

Covid-19 has not only brought devastating effects to industries, but it has also caused a significant impact on the well-being of every one individually. People feel trapped because of the restrictions by the government, which causes depression among them. Therefore, they are looking forward to events being conducted safely. Integrating these measures can help you plan an event that is safe and complies with SOPs set by the government.