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About VenU2Go 


VenU2Go is a platform enabling business owners and individuals to rent out their space, providing an additional source of income alongside your products or services. By adding VenU2Go, businesses can take control of their earnings by including space rentals. This extra income frees up expenses and helps businesses stay operational for longer.  The goal of VenU2Go is to help business owners that took their time and money to start their business, keep it up and running longer than average. According to the Bureau of Labor, approximately 18% of small businesses fail within their first year, while 50% fail after five years, and around 65% fail by their tenth year in business.

This is how VenU2Go helps your business. In the case of owning a coffee shop, selling coffee generates the main income. Nevertheless, by renting out your space via VenU2Go, at least once a week for $500 per day, you gain $2,000 each month or $24,000 per year. This revenue can be utilized for purchasing goods, investing in marketing, and more.

With VenU2Go, you have the option to rent your space by the day or by the hour, offering flexibility that can elevate your business. Rent out your space during or after business hours to maximize its potential.

There is multiple reason why people need space. For example: pop up shops, a place to sell their products, meetings, birthday parties, video shoots, movie sets, ghost kitchens, church, weddings, funerals and more.

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We understand how stressful planning an event can be. But all that's in the past now! VenU2Go brings you offers you can’t refuse — with fantastic venue prices that all small businesses can now benefit from, you can easily plan a budget-friendly business event! Don’t let budget hurdle in planning the event you wish to. If you want exclusive deals on event venues, there's no better place to go than VenU2Go.

Take advantage of VenU2Go's enticing offers on party venues, outdoor venues, and all kinds of event venues today, and see how much value you can add to your events!