Privacy Procedure

VenU2Go Privacy Policy

VenU2Go cares about your privacy. For this reason, we collect and use personal information only as needed to deliver our products, services, websites and mobile applications, and to communicate with you about the same, or as you have requested (collectively, our “Services”). Your personal information includes information such as:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Billing and payment information
  • Other data collected that could directly or indirectly identify you.
  • Business License

We (VenU2Go) collect and process your personal information in order to provide you an optimal experience possible when you interact with us.

Identity verification information: Information collected that can help us verify that users are who they claim to be.

We use Stripe for identity document verification. Stripe collects identity document images, facial images, ID numbers and addresses as well as information about the devices that connect to its services. Stripe shares this information with us and also uses this information to operate and improve the services it provides, including for fraud detection. You may also choose to allow Stripe to use your data to improve Stripe’s biometric verification technology. You can learn more about Stripe and read its privacy policy at This is the information that is provided by you the customer or third party.

Device and Location Data : Data we collect about the device you are using.

Internet and associated network information, browser type, device type, method of sign-on, device ID information, IP address.

Platform Activity Data: Information we collect about how you interact with the VenU2Go Platform.   

Access date/time, pages viewed, searches made, messages sent, inquiries made, requests made, bookings made, reviews written, boards created, analytics data, error logs.

Booking Information: Information related to a particular Booking. We assign Booking IDs to each unique Booking.

Start/End date, start/end time, Booking details (services descriptions, event description, attendee count, prices, taxes, fees), communications regarding Booking.

Survey/Feedback Information: We collect information when you fill out a form, provide feedback, or otherwise communicate with us.      

Survey question responses, feedback, email correspondence.

Background Check Information: We may conduct background checks on various individuals as part of our efforts to ensure the safety and security of users on the site.   

Information related to background checks.

Agreement and Changes

By submitting your personal information through our website, you agree to the collection and use of your personal information on the basis described above. If you do not agree, please do not provide any personal information via our website. If we decide to update our Privacy Policy, we will indicate this next to the Privacy Policy link on the front page of our Site. If there are material changes to the Privacy Policy, we will prominently post and/or communicate such changes prior to implementing them. Information collected under previous versions of our Privacy Policy will then become subject to the terms of our new Privacy Policy.


VenU2Go Cancellation Policy


General Cancellation Policy

VenU2Go is designed to help Hosts and Guests efficiently and conveniently complete Bookings. Every Booking is a Host’s commitment to make a Space available to a Guest. When Guests cancel Bookings, the Host’s ability to Book that Space during that time becomes increasingly difficult because other interested Guests may have already made other plans. When Hosts cancel Bookings, Guests’ events and plans can be severely impacted and may require intensive logistical support from VenU2Go. Nonetheless, plans may change, requiring Guests or Hosts to cancel Bookings on occasion.

This VenU2Go Cancellation Policy covers all cancellations and refunds on the Platform. Both Guests and Hosts are subject to and must comply with this Cancellation Policy when cancelling a Booking.

We reserve the right to amend this Cancellation Policy for any reason and at any time by posting an updated version to our website as provided in the VenU2Go Terms and Agreements. In the event of conflict between this Cancellation policy and the VenU2Go Terms and Agreement, the VenU2Go Terms and Agreement controls. The only terms applicable to any Cancellation are those then currently in effect when a cancellation is processed by VenU2Go.

Please note, All Bookings are subject to VenU2Go’s Grace Period policy which provides a full refund for Bookings cancelled within 72 hours from receipt of a Booking Confirmation but no later than 3 calendar days prior to the Event start time. Cancellation must be submitted from customer to VenU2Go regarding venue via email to make sure the date and time is documented. VenU2Go shall have final say in any dispute between Hosts and Guests regarding the application of cancellation policies.


Grace Period Policy

If cancellations are made 72 hours of the day the event was booked, customer will receive 100% refund of the price listed (minus the surcharge that’s added to the price from the Vendors listing). Cancellations may be made by Customer up to 5 calendar days prior to the Event Booking. Any time between 3 calendar days after the booking and 5 calendar days prior to Event Booking will be a 75% refund minus the surcharge. Any time cancellations happen between 3 calendar days of the event booking there will be no refund to the customer. If the customer has sent a cancellation email into Venu2go and we review and agree to the cancellation reason, 75% of their refund can be sent to them.

Vendors are also to follow cancellation guidelines. If a Vendor cancels their space to customer after purchase, customers will receive 100% back their payment of the event. If Vendor has 3 cancellations in a 6-month period they can been suspended from Venu2go until further notice. This protects the Venu2go brand with the customers and make sure that there is quality customer service. 


Rescheduled Bookings

When approved by VenU2Go, a Guest or Host may have an opportunity to reschedule that Booking. Any rescheduled Bookings must be:

  • For substantially the same duration as the original Booking, according to the Host’s approval;
  • Confirmed prior to the original Start Time;
  • Rescheduled for a time within 90 days of the original Start Time; and
  • Only rescheduled once.

Rescheduled Bookings are non-refundable once confirmed. Any successive rescheduling attempts or failure to successfully reschedule a Booking within the conditions above will result in a cancellation of the Booking, subject to the Cancellation Fees or Fines identified in this Policy, depending on the initiating party. Rescheduling by Guests may result in additional VenU2Go Service Fees.

VenU2Go Vendor Policy


For any new vendors you have register as vendor on the homepage. Once you enter your information click on Profile, to add your venue click on add venue. You must have a Stripe account to proceed, so you have a choice to standard or express then you would click on activate. You will then setup your stripe account to have the ability to get paid through VenU2Go. All information will be stored under Stripe, to see more about stripe visit Once you complete the payment setup, you will then add your venue, with pictures, address, amenities, what days or hours you are available to rent to customers.


Vendors are required to review all bookings from customers; what kind of event, how many people, will alcohol be present, and the age of customers of the event. Any additional information you may need please ask the customer before you finalize the booking. VenU2Go is only a platform for us to connect and search for customer to book your venue. You are responsible for all the specifics that the customers are using your venue for. Any that is out of order from your business operating is your responsibility. Each venue must have their own insurance to cover damages or missing items from their property. 


If the vendor has setup time and days for booking they are responsible to check their emails and calendar to for fill the bookings coming out of Venu2go. If you the Vendor has 3 or more cancellations you are volition to be terminated from Venu2go. We want to make sure all customers have the best experience using VenU2Go’s platform.


We require each vendor to be respectable to customer renting through Venu2go. If you have any problems with customers please contact Venu2go at . If the customer is not respecting or following the guidelines of your venue or Venu2go they will be removed and terminated from Venu2go per our reviews of the situation.


Cleaning fee.

As a vendor you are responsible to add cleaning fees to your total price of the booking. We recommend have yourself or a representative of your business to be at the event when it opens and close to make sure its in the standard you want it returned.

Booking Policy



VenU2Go Social Event Policy

At VenU2Go we understand that many of our users set up Bookings in order to host social events, and it is our goal to allow you to do so while at the same time ensuring the safety of all guests and avoiding any damage to Host property. The Social Event Policy is a non-exhaustive list intended to give assurance to all our users and Hosts that social events will be run in a safe, legal and respectful manner.

This Social Event Policy is part of, and uses words and phrases defined in, the VenU2Go Terms and Agreements. In the event of any express conflict between the terms of the VenU2Go Services Agreement and this Social Event Policy, the terms of this Social Event Policy shall control. If you have any questions about the Social Event Policy or if you believe that a user has violated this Social Event Policy, please Contact Us.

You must agree to this Social Event Policy, as part of the VenU2Go Terms and Agreements to use the Platform and Services. Please read them carefully and only use the Platform or Services if you agree to abide by them.


We take violations of the Social Event Policy seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy with respect to violations. VenU2Go MAY TAKE LEGAL ACTION AGAINST HOSTS OR GUESTS THAT ATTEMPT TO CIRCUMVENT THIS SOCIAL EVENT POLICY. In the event of ongoing or serious violations, we reserve the right to take all action which we deem necessary, including suspending or permanently terminating Accounts, canceling Bookings without refund to Guest, assessing fines, and taking any other actions permitted or required by law, including cooperating with local authorities in enforcement and prosecution matters. We may also moderate, remove, or edit any Content that violates this Social Event Policy or if we believe it adversely affects the integrity of VenU2Go or other users.


This Social Events Policy applies to the use of any Space for a planned social gathering, late night celebration, or get together, including, without limitation, any event where alcohol is sold, tickets are distributed, attendance is by open invitation, or where there is a charge for entry. Any such events shall be referred to herein as a “Social Event” and all Hosts and Guests must comply and enforce this Social Event Policy for all Social Events. A non-exhaustive list of example gathering occasions that may be classified as Social Events (as determined solely by VenU2Go) include audio recordings, dance classes, fitness classes, yoga classes, brunch, cooking classes, dinners, food events, tastings, cocktail parties, formal events, fundraisers, holiday parties, receptions, weddings, launch events, networking, pop ups, birthday parties, ceremonies, marriage proposals, parties, reunions, art shows, fashion shows, listening parties, performances, rehearsals, baby showers, bridal showers, gender reveal parties, engagement celebrations, concerts, showcases, anniversaries, music release events, etc.


Guests shall be responsible, at their sole cost and expense, for making sure that their Social Event complies with all applicable laws, including zoning, municipal and other laws in effect and applicable to the Space. This includes (i) determining if any event permit is required and, if applicable, obtaining such permit prior to the Social Event, (ii) complying with applicable laws with respect to signage and advertising for the Social Event (and all signage must be approved by the Host at least 48 hours prior to the Social Event), and (iii) if food or alcohol are being served at your Social Event, ensuring that you comply with all applicable requirements pertaining thereto.


If a Guest plans to hold a Social Event at a Space that they book, they must disclose this in their Booking request and provide the requested details relating to the activity being planned, including, without limitation, details on any alcohol being served or sold at the event. This allows VenU2Go and the Host to familiarize themselves with the event concept, including confirming compliance with this Social Event Policy. VenU2Go maintains the right to review Booking requests at any time to confirm compliance with this Social Event Policy. If VenU2Go identifies any potential non-compliance with this Social Event Policy, any risk, or requires more information to determine compliance, it shall have the right to request additional details from the Guest and/or to suspend or cancel Bookings.

Any proposed changes with respect to the previously disclosed details of a Social Event must be submitted through the Platform for approval by the Host at least 48 hours prior to the Social Event with notice to VenU2Go at


VenU2Go do not allow residential spaces, so therefore there are no social events at residential locations. 


Social Events at commercial Spaces (which include but are not limited to clubs and bars) shall adhere to the guidelines for hours promulgated by the Host and in any event must comply with applicable law. All Social Events where alcohol is sold, tickets are distributed, attendance is by open invitation, or where there is a charge for entry must comply with applicable law and Host requirements, including the acquisition by Guest of any required permits. All Bookings must span for the entire length of the Social Event and must include additional time needed for set-up and clean-up.


We understand that the right decor can be an integral part of a Social Event. Since the Host will not provide decor unless noted in the Booking or arranged through a Host Add-On, we encourage the Guest to bring any decorations they may need for their Social Event or to secure rented equipment from an outside company. When Booking a Space for a Social Event, it is the Guest’s obligation to independently determine what the Space is appropriate for and that it can support the planned Social Event and to plan and install any decorations needed for the Social Event. Any decorations used for a Social Event may not be affixed (including by means of tape, nails, staple guns, pushpins or other potentially damaging fasteners) to any surface of the Space and no physical alterations of the Space (including painting, erecting of permanent or semi-permanent alterations or the installation of any fixtures) may be done without the express written consent of the Host. To ensure safety and to guard against property damage, and/or personal injury, decorations may not obstruct entrances and exits and must always allow for emergency egress. Decorations cannot cover emergency signs, fire lanes or exits, or be posted in elevators or stairwells and must be constructed of non-flammable materials.


Set Up and Clean Up - At the conclusion of the Social Event, the Guest shall be responsible for removing all decorations, material, equipment and debris and for repairing any damage to the Space arising out of the Social Event. Prior to the end of the time scheduled for the Social Event, the Guest shall inspect the Space to confirm their compliance with this Social Event Policy. Failure to do so may result in liability for alleged damage claims.

Garbage/Recycling/Organics Disposal - Garbage, recycling and organic waste are to be placed inside the designated and appropriate garbage, recycling and organic waste containers. Guests must ensure that the garbage is placed in plastic bags and securely tied before placing it in the trash bins, must break down any boxes and rinse out recyclable containers prior to placing them in recycling bins and must ensure that any organic waste is separated as required by applicable law. If trash will not fit inside the designated containers, it shall be the Guest’s responsibility to properly dispose of such excess trash. Any trash left behind that will not fit in the available containers may result in additional charges to the Guest. No volatile or highly inflammable materials shall be deposited in the chutes, trash rooms, or trash containers. The Guest must also follow additional garbage disposal requirements provided by the Host.

Building Damage and Cleaning Costs - Within 72 hours after the end of a Booking, the Host shall notify VenU2Go if they find any damage to the Space or if they have incurred (or will incur) additional clean-up costs as a result of a Guest or Attendees’ violation of these policies. This includes damage caused by Attendees and vendors. Guests acknowledge that they shall be liable for any such costs, which costs shall be deemed an Additional Fee, as detailed in the VenU2Go Terms and Agreements.


Guests must adhere to, and cause Attendees to adhere to, all rules set forth by the Host regarding smoking (including using e-cigarettes and vaping devices) and drug use. Guests acknowledge that they may be liable for fines and/or fees for damages as a result of any such violation, including fees or fines imposed by Hosts, which costs shall be deemed an Additional Fee, as detailed in the VenU2Go Terms and Agreements.


If alcohol is to be served at a Social Event, this must be disclosed in the Booking request, and the Guest requesting the Booking must be 21 years of age or older for Bookings made in the United States, or 19 years of age or older for Bookings made in most provinces or territories in Canada. By submitting a Booking request for a Social Event where alcohol is to be served, Guests shall be deemed to have acknowledged, represented and affirmed that they are of legal drinking age in the jurisdiction in which the Social Event takes place. Guests agree that serving of alcohol follows the appropriate governmental liquor authority.

All alcohol served at a Social Event shall be for personal consumption and not for resale. Guests agree to take reasonable steps to enforce and comply with local, provincial and federal laws and regulations governing the use of alcohol. Neither Guest, nor any of their vendors, shall provide alcohol to persons under the legal drinking age in the jurisdiction of the Social Event, and Guest shall confirm the legal age of consumption for all Attendees and follow the rules and regulations of local provincial authorities and guidelines. If local regulations require the serving of food or other non-alcoholic beverages at any event serving alcohol, Guests agree to fully comply with any such requirements.

In addition to the rules set forth in this Social Event Policy, Guest and Host acknowledge and agree to abide by all provisions of the VenU2Go Terms and Agreements relating to alcoholic beverages.

We reserve the right to fully report any violations of this Social Event Policy to the appropriate authorities for prosecution allowable by law. Each Guest and Host hereby agree to indemnify and/or reimburse VenU2Go for all costs, expenses (including legal fees) and damages we may suffer or incur as a result of any violation by you of this Social Event Policy.



All electrical or electronic equipment of any kind or nature installed or used at a Space shall comply fully with all rules, regulations, requirements or recommendations of the Host and the public authorities having jurisdiction over the Space. Guests shall be liable for any damage or injury caused by any electrical or electronic equipment installed or used by them.


Safety is of the utmost concern at any Social Event. As such, you shall, always, conduct your activities in a safe and careful manner, with full regard to public safety, and shall observe and abide by all applicable laws (including the Americans with Disabilities Act for Bookings in the United States, or provincial accessibility legislation for Bookings in Canada), ordinances, rules, regulations and requests by duly authorized governmental agencies having jurisdiction over the Space. In case of fire, smoke or suspected criminal activity involving imminent harm, you should immediately call 911 and thereafter also alert the Host and VenU2Go.


VenU2Go shall not be responsible for losses by Guest, Host or any Attendees due to theft, damage to, or disappearance of equipment or other personal property, it being specifically acknowledged that such equipment and property is not under the care, custody, or control of VenU2Go. The Host is under no obligation to provide any security measures for the Social Event, this being the Guest’s obligation. We recommend that Guests consider obtaining personal property insurance to protect against any damage to or loss of their personal items.